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26.01.2011Мариша from Kiev

Не поверите, увидела Ваш ресторан в фильме ! =)))Нашла по интернету, и побывала))). Была у Вас в гостях уже 2 раза, обожаю "Дачу", мечтаю у Вас отпраздновать свой день рождения весёлой компанией друзей. Удачи в новом году!! Люблю, целую!=))

01.01.2011Peter Wilmot

Good evening from England. I visited your wonderful establishment two weeks a go with my guests. I so enjoyed your hospitality, friendly staff and beautiful cuisine. The food was served with total freshness and taste that normally a family home creates. Simple but good food that is a delight with each minute that passed that evening. I found the whole Dacha experience an experience I will never forget. I have travelled around the world and I have never found anything like your Dacha before. It is special, it is secret for only a few to experience. I felt as if I was at a good friends house and that is quiet a remarkable experience. Please pass onto your staff my gratitude and warm thank you. I will return aghain the next time I visit Odessa , hopefully in late January. As a British Architect I can see and feel a wonderful time that from the past has been maintained for many Ukranians to once more feel. A marvelous place for many happy memories. My warmest regards Peter

03.05.2008Andre Monteyne

Dear Sir, Madame, On 02/09/2008 we would like to have lunch at ca 1 p.m. at your restaurant with a group of 21 persons. Would that be suitable? If so, could you give us a price for a quality 3 course menu (entree - , second course , dessert). We were adviced that you are wellknown for your seafruit and grilled dishes. thank you for your answer and kind regards André Monteyne President Vrienden van de Operette H. Van Bortonnestraat 31 1090 Brussel , Belgium

27.02.2008Michal Neeve

Hi. Is it possible to book a table using this site or do you have an email address? I will be in Odessa on 3:14:08 and would like to visit Dacha again. Regards, Mike.

We`ll be glad to see you at Dacha on 14th of March and we have already reserved a table for you. If you have some particular request you can contact the director of Dacha using the e-mail for further assistance.

Numbers & address
+380 48 770-31-19, +380 67 481-14-30
85 Frantsuzky Blvd, Bldg 15, Odessa, Ukraine
(Chkalov sanatorium territory, opposite the church)
Dacha is open every day
from 10 am
till 23:00

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